A Lecture by David Kirp Presentation Today

| March 28, 2013

Teachers College is proud to invite you to A LECTURE BY DAVID L. KIRP James D. Marver Professor of Public Policy at the Goldman School ofPublic Policy at the University of California-BerkeleyThursday, March 284:00-5:30 PM | Milbank ChapelSusan H. Fuhrman, President ofTeachers College–Discussant“Improbable Scholars: TheRebirth of a Great AmericanSchool System and a Strategyfor America’s Schools”Improbable Scholars: The Rebirth of a Great American School System and aStrategy for America’s Schools, has been hailed by Publishers Weekly and garneredendorsements across the political spectrum. It chronicles how a poor urban schooldistrict (Union City, New Jersey, four miles and a light year from Times Square) hastransported Latino immigrant children into the education mainstream: 90 percent of thoseyoungsters graduate from high school, 10 percent more than the nationwide average, and 75 percent enroll incollege. Improbable Scholars also shows how these successes can reverberate nationwide.“This powerful book exposes one of the greatest lies in America – that ‘perform-or-die’ accountability for teachers and choice forstudents will cure what ails public education – and reveals the real way forward. With a gifted writer’s eye for telling detailand a gifted scholar’s sense of the big picture, Kirp shows how a school system in one of the nation’s poorest cities is succeedingwithout these so-called reforms, and in so doing uncovers the essentials for remaking American education.” — Robert ReichDavid L. Kirp, James D. Marver Professor of Public Policy at theUniversity of California at Berkeley, is a former newspaper editor andpolicy consultant as well as an academic. His interests range widelyacross policy and politics. In his seventeen books and scores of articlesin both the popular press and scholarly journals he has tackled some ofAmerica’s biggest social problems, including affordable housing, accessto health, gender discrimination and AIDS. His main focus has beenon education and children’s policy, spanning the age range from cradleto college and career. He has also shaped policy and served on BarackObama’s 2008 Presidential Transition Team.

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