A Healthy Learner is a Successful Learner: Health Disparities Conference

Teachers College to launch a new Center on Health Disparities that will explore the connection between health issues and school success

No matter how talented their teachers or how good the instruction, students who are ill, hungry or homeless will not be successful. For the past five years, Teachers College, Columbia University has held the Health Disparities Conference to explore the connection between the health and psychological issues that accompany poverty, in an attempt to close the achievement gap between the nation’s poor and wealthy students.

This year’s conference, on Friday and Saturday, March 15 and 16, in Cowin Auditorium at 120th and Broadway in Manhattan, will launch a new Center on Health Disparities at Teachers College. The Center will do research and take evidence-based approaches to health disparities, their connection to success in school, and implications for policy.

For more information: http://www.tc.edu/news.htm?articleID=8894